Activities of the World Elephant Centre include:

  • Plan, mobilize resources and construct the World Elephant Centre ¬†facility in Tanzania;
  • Carry out scientific and applied research to aid elephant conservation;
  • Maintain and display a Public database on elephant numbers, status, distribution, threats and opportunities throughout Africa and Asia. This information will be computerized and continuously updated by African and Asian Elephant specialists;
  • Facilitate Governments and other agencies efforts in the management of elephant populations by providing technical assistance and organizing training programs and workshops;
  • Promote projects that are important for the conservation and management of both African and Asian elephants as a key stone species;
  • Host the World Elephant Day event with serious partners in Africa, China as a tool for increasing awareness to general public in the region and world to support elephant conservation efforts;
  • Maintain a computerized complete bibliography on African and Asian elephant, which can be accessed through key-words, author and title by individuals, students, scientists and academic institutions around the world.

Recent Activities & Programs

Alfred Kikoti of the WEC has been involved in the monitoring of elephants at Saadani National Park. There are now five elephants collared to monitor their behaviour, movement, and any conflict with human communities. From the research centre in Tent With a View camp, elephants are being studied with the aim of discovering and protecting migratory corridors, and improving understanding/relations with the coastal communities around which they live most of the year.

WEC Vision

To be a world leader in applied scientific elephant research, information sharing and conservation to ensure that elephants endure forever.