Research and Conservation

Elephants are facing numerous troubles ranging from poaching to habitat loss, fragmentation, human interaction and climate change. In Africa and Asia elephants are slaughtered every year to keep up the illegal ivory trade. To understand the best way to conserve elephants, applied and scientific research, education and conservation programs are required to wider publics to ensure their survival.

The World Elephant Centre envisions becoming a leader in this endeavor through research, sharing information, advocacy and conservation:


Elephants are increasingly endangered due to shrinking habitat, changing population dynamics and encroachment by human pressure. Population management and scientific research at The World Elephant Centre will provide wildlife authorities and private sectors with tools and techniques for managing these populations.


The Centre envisions to become an elephant defending organization in national and international forums through advocacy and collaboration that will advocate for elephants, other wildlife and people on issues that will compromise their continued survival.


The World Elephant Centre will directly and indirectly educate visiting children, schools, colleges and universities and general public throughout the world and also share information on elephants to thousands of visitors each year.


The World Elephant Centre will provide applied scientific research results to aid conservation of both African and Asian elephant populations in collaboration with respective authorities in the range states ‘

The World Elephant Centre will assist the governments and collaborate with all African and Asian Elephant Specialists Groups, especially of the IUCN/SSC and other private elephants experts in its efforts to promote the conservation of elephants. The World Elephant Centre aims at bringing elephant science and information closer and friendlier to resource managers and other publics who influence their survival.

WEC Vision

To be a world leader in applied scientific elephant research, information sharing and conservation to ensure that elephants endure forever.